Adult Sand Volleyball Leagues

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Schedule and Standings

Upcoming Leagues

For both leagues, all skill levels are accepted. If you need help finding a team, sign up as an individual player an you will be added to a team if possible.

  • Friday - Coed 4's - $15/player ($60 Per Team)

    We will be accepting signups until August 6th

    Games will last 1 hour and start at either 6:30, 7:30, or 8:30
    Minimum of one girl on the court.
    Players do not need to rotate.
  • Sunday - Coed 6's - $15/player ($90 Per Team)

    We will be accepting signups until August 8th

    Games will last 1 hour and start at either 4:30, 5:30, or 6:30
    Minimum of two girls on the court.
    Players must rotate.

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League Rules

Above all else, please remember that while it is ok to be competitive, the main goal of these leagues is to have FUN. We are a group of adults playing recreational volleyball. Please be considerate to others! As a captain, please ensure that your team understands this and that everyone has a fun and enjoyable session!

  1. Please be considerate of others. Failure to comply may result in removal from the league or from the premises.
  2. Coed 6's teams should comprise of (at a minimum) two girls.
    1. If teams only have one girl, they can only have three guys on the court.
    2. If your team has no girl, you cannot play and must forfeit.
  3. Games are to 21. Games must be won by two points, with a cap of 25. In playoffs there is no cap. Since there will be no refs, teams should keep track of the score on their own and should announce the score before every point is served.
  4. Players must rotate around the court in a fixed order. If a player subs in for another player, they must come in and out in the same spot.
  5. No net contact is allowed. If any part of your body contacts any part of the net (between the antennas) you have committed a fault and the play is dead. Please be honest and call yourself!
  6. In sand, you can come under the net as long as it does not interfere with the play or present a danger to other players. Please be cautious. If you collide with another player or prevent them from playing the ball because you are in the way, you have committed a fault and the play is dead.
  7. Backrow players cannot block. Backrow players cannot jump to attack the ball in front of an imaginary "10 foot" line.
  8. Net serves are allowed. If the ball contacts the net on a serve and comes over it is still playable.
  9. Kicking the ball is legal. You cannot kick the ball to serve.
  10. You can chase down a ball hit outside the antenna and bring it back, as long as you bring the ball back to your side from outside the antenna. You cannot step onto the other court to do so. Please be careful!
  11. Skill Level Specific Rules


    1. Players cannot catch and throw the ball. Contact with the ball should be quick. The player cannot "steer" the ball through the air.
    2. Players cannot lift the ball. Any contact below the waist must be quick and the ball cannot be "scooped".
      1. Advanced - All the rules from Recreational, plus:
        1. If hand setting the ball, both hands must contact and release the ball at the same time. The set must not come below the chest and the ball should come out with very little rotation.
        2. Please call your own hands. If the set is bad you should know.
        3. Honesty is important!

Find Us

1808 North Ridge Rd.
Painesville, OH 44077

League Director
Ryan Rapini
(440) 478 8356

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